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Campaigns tell parts of the main story of Fractured Space through short movies and the short descriptions of each their nodes. They also give powerful rewards, like Crew and Implant pods and even Ultimate ship skins and are therefore well worth following. Unlike in other games, campaigns in Fractured Space do not force the player to play to fight special, pre-scripted battles on unique maps. Instead, each campaign is a series of missions that can in principle be finished on any map and in any game mode, as long as the current objective is available. For example "Get N takedowns" can be done everywhere, whereas "Capture M mines" requires a map that uses mines.

There are currently 3 permanent campaigns. Occasionally, events will add temporary campaigns, offering unique rewards and additional side-stories that extend the Fractured Space universe.

LEVI426[edit | edit source]


Take part in the war for Greig and earn the Ultimate Leviathan skin - Levi426

Consists of 25 missions divided in 5 nodes and revolves mainly around the Conquest game mode. Total rewards are:

The five nodes are:

  • IS-135 Pandora's Pique
    The Greig system was torn apart when war erupted between the original colonists and their expanding android workforce. Both sides brought in independent commanders to fight their war for them.
  • EZ-14 Brimstone
    During the battle over Brimstone, the Jump Drive of a TDS Leviathan - the Decoud - was hit. Something went wrong - the ship vanished. The war raged on.
  • CO-116 Jeremaid
    The colonists began to take control of the war, dominating the system taking Jeremaid and pushing on through the android controlled worlds.
  • RV-9711 Lethe
    The war ended when the Decoud reappeared suddenly above Lethe. It was derelict, its entire superstructure covered in some form of organic resin. Many of the systems on the ship had been ripped out and replaced with technology none of the colonists could recognise.
  • EP-612 Diyu
    It appeared as if an alien race had found and returned the Decoud to them. The shock of the discovery ended the war - both sides suddenly aware there were other enemies out there. The androids were allowed to live in peace on Diyu. Ever since, the conspiracy theorists maintain that the ship had been built by the android collective to end a war they could never win.

Leaf on the Wind[edit | edit source]


Take part in the war for Saren1 and earn the Ultimate Sentinel skin - Leaf on the wind

Consists of 25 missions divided in 5 nodes and revolves mainly around the Conquest game mode. The leaf of the Wind campaign is almost identical to the Levi426 campaign - only the order of a few rewards and missions is changed and of course the final reward. Total rewards are:

The five nodes are:

  • Malrey
    First of the Border Worlds to break away from the Core Planets of Saren1. Became home to the interim government of the Outer World Alliance as they fought against the Core.
  • Zowa
    A rich world tired of losing its resources to the Core, Zowa joined the Alliance and funded its war effort and paid for independent commanders to fight for them.
  • Kayfree
    Once beacon of enlightenment, the Kayfree government tried to keep the peace but neither the Core or the Alliance listened. Instead, the world was ravaged as both sides fought to take control.
  • Jayco
    Jayco had a reputation for being a hard world populated by a hard people. Founded on asteroid mining and mineral processing, its people work hard in dangerous environments. They are tough, single-minded and unforgiving. They tried to stay out of the war - they failed.
  • Hobwas
    Home to the Core Government. It took massive damage early on but took its revenge when it returned that damage tenfold to the Border Worlds in the last years of the war.

Temporary Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Last Stand[edit | edit source]

Hold back the Swarm

Consists of 9 missions divided in 3 nodes.

See Last Stand for more information.

Discovery[edit | edit source]

Energy surge in the deep space mining facility - caused by the mysterious Artefact.

A Zarek mining facility attached to a deep space ice field discovered something buried within the ice: a vast structure that predates mankind.
It became known as the Artefact.
News of its unique origin and the secrets it might unlock travelled fast. The other corporations began to take an interest. Competing ICSR teams were hired to seize control of the site.
Tensions were high even before the Artefact began to react to those around it.

The Discovery campaign revolved around the Conquest: Discovery game mode, where players did not had to capture the enemy home base, but instead had to destroy the enemies base core, located in the center of their base. The campaign consisted of 9 missions. Much like for the Last Stand campaign, players had to buy the Discovery Campaign Pack for 2,000 Platinum to unlock the rewards, the game mode, however, could be played for free. The campaign was only available for purchase for 30 days after May 31, 2018. It is now again playable as a Legacy Episode.

The events in the Discovery were the prelude to the The Rift event.