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DEVS V COMMUNITY - - 2018/11/08 17:52

We're going maverick tonight, no community managers, all the devs are here, and we're going to 5 stack!! Try your luck, I don't think you'll stand a chance though......

Infection Hotfix #1 - 2nd November 2018 - - 2018/11/02 10:29

Removed Infection from Coop. Removed Bots from PvP games. PvP now matches all players in one band and MMR will be adjusted to match. Added in Point Defence active widget to HUD. Increased size of...

Episode V: Infection - Update - 30th October 2018 - - 2018/10/30 11:01

Infection The shockwave from Sigyn’s breath caused more damage than originally thought; word of the Eye’s awakening in Sudenica DA-9C reached across the galaxy, but this was just one of the many cha...
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