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All ships in Fractured Space are made by three different manufacturers - Titan Defence Systems, United Space Research, and Zarek Industrial - and the differences aren't just cosmetic. Below, all ships are ordered by their manufacturer. Ingame, each ship is also given a class (ie. Heavy Attack), which consist of two parts: A Size Class, denoting the tradeoff of speed versus hull strength of a ship and a Type, denoting the broader role a ship can fulfill. This helps to quickly construct balanced teams, by making sure that there is a Heavy ship, a Support vessel and a Defense vessel and fill up the rest mainly with Medium ships and Attack or Mobility vessels. The Classes are not to be confused with the more specific Role a ship fulfills on the battlefield.

Pricing information can be found on Ship Prices.

Loadout[edit | edit source]

Ships are armed with a default primary armament as well as support abilities and secondary weapons. Proper usage of these loadouts will ensure that you effectively contribute to your team. It is crucial to understand when to use your abilities, and when not to.

Most ships have alternate utilities and weapons available that can be swapped right before battle. Generally, weapon options offer different fire patterns or projectile speeds but their damage output will remain similar. Ability loadouts, on the other hand, offer a variety of different options. You may want to switch an ability disable for a weapon disable, or you could sacrifice the range on a blink to have less cooldown. New loadout option must be purchased with Credits or Platinum. However, every ship has a Point Defense and the corresponding loadout options manual and automatic will always be unlocked for no additional cost, even if the ship has not been bought.

Another part of a ships loadout is its crew and their implants. These are also arranged before entering the battle and give smaller boosts to various general stats of the ship. In addition to the loadout options available before the fight, ships can be upgraded during combat, whenever a certain amount of resources is collected. These upgrades again give generic boosts to various stats.

Titan Defence Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Protector - A small, fast support craft built around healing and supporting allies with a focused Repair Beam, shielding systems, and various disables.
  • Equalizer - A small, fast harasser equipped with health-leeching weaponry, a powerful Boost Gate, and purge systems.
  • Reaper - A medium attack ship designed to engage enemies head-on with a set of forward facing rapid-fire cannons and an armor-melting Scythe Beam.
  • Leviathan - A heavy attack vessel, equipped with a myriad of weaponry and the ability to create dynamic jump points.
  • Sentinel - A medium attack ship focused on speed and maneuverability, with weapons that allow it to take full advantage of its quickness.
  • Paladin - A small, fast support craft that can repair friendlies without line of sight, generate Plasma Fields, and purge status effects.
  • Basilisk - A stealthy support craft designed to command and control the battlefield with a deadly array of gravity-based abilities.
  • Raven - A fast attack vessel equipped with a powerful Overcharge Beam that must be fed through energy leech abilities.
  • Persecutor - A nimble close-range attack vessel designed to rapidly close distance by Blinking and engage with the short range Rail Repeater while suppressing its targets' mobility.
  • Interceptor - A fast attack vessel designed to spearhead formations with a fast-firing Rotary Cannon and an extremely powerful Gauss Driver that requires time to charge.
  • Executioner - An unorthodox attack vessel focused around positioning, with a "Rewind"-style blink and an Overdrive system that diverts power away from its primary armaments to enhance propulsion.
  • Aegis - A heavily armored bastion of a defense vessel with a game-changing particle accelerator.

United Space Research[edit | edit source]

  • Watchman *- A long-range high-precision attack craft designed to engage at maximum range.
  • Colossus *- A large, slow, short-range, heavily armored craft designed to lead charges and pressure objectives with its high health pool and constant AoE Flak damage.
  • Disruptor *- A fast and agile support craft built around disabling and disrupting enemy actions, while repairing allies with a set of drones.
  • Ghost *- A small, short-range, high-burst-damage attack ship built around its cloaking system, making it invisible to sight and radar.
  • Brawler - An extremely powerful close-combat specialist with a gravity harpoon to reel enemies in.
  • Destroyer *- A large, slow, high-health ship focused on long-range broadside bombardment.
  • Ranger *- A light, mobile attack craft designed for extended deployments; it is capable of self-repair, and is armed with an efficient, chargeable Longbow Cannon and stealth proximity mines.
  • Displacer *- A mid-sized support craft designed to keep enemies at range with a set of abilities that repel them away.
  • Guardian *- A long-range high-damage attack vessel designed to operate at closer distances than the Watchman with abilities that allow for quick escapes.
  • Black Widow - A versatile stealth craft armed with a large amount of missile weapons that apply different status effects to its targets.
  • Pioneer - A midsize attack vessel fitted with advanced scanners, detection buoys, and displacing area-of-effect weapons.
  • Endeavor*- A powerful light defense ship which can control an area by deploying turrets around the sector.

Zarek Industrial[edit | edit source]

  • Raider *- A small, nimble attack craft with a high-precision laser and a shield that follows the player's cursor.
  • Enforcer *- A fast, midsized, short-range, burst damage attack craft that specializes in mobility and capturing objectives.
  • Hunter *- An extremely slippery attack craft capable of using a blink drive to outmaneuver enemies while pounding them with its cannons.
  • Infiltrator *- An unconventional stealth attack craft that uses Ion Drones to stack debuffs, an Ion Burst to deal damage, and an Area Disarm to rapidly escape.
  • Overseer *- An extreme-range attack craft built around a massive orbital mining beam that requires the entire ship to align towards the target.
  • Superlifter *- A fast support craft armed with potent weapons for its size, capable of increasing the speed of its allies, repairing them, and disabling enemy engines.
  • Venturer *- A converted mining vessel capable of instantly cracking armor using its' Armor Breaker and then destroying the exposed sections with its' hitscan mining laser and plasma missiles.
  • Gladiator *- A extremely powerful dedicated defense craft armed with a powerful cannon broadside, capable of entrenching itself into strategically important locations with its "Phalanx Armor" ability and proximity mines.
  • Paragon *- A "carrier" armed with limited personal weaponry but capable of unleashing a swarm of high-damage bombers and defense enhancing drones.
  • Centurion* - A powerful defensive support vessel equipped with a massive shield projector that disables its primary armament when active.
  • Furion* - A medium attack ship focusing on all-out offensive power using forward facing cannons, a plasma-thrower, and missiles.
  • Punisher* - A medium attack ship focusing on Plasma Dots, cloak denial and self-sustain.

Classes[edit | edit source]

If you are looking for a specific kind of ship, try the corresponding category:

Total: 36 Ship Type
Attack (16) Mobility (10) Support (6) Defense (4)
Size Class Light (9)

Light Attack.pngLight Attack (1)

Light Mobility.pngLight Mobility (5)

Light Support.pngLight Support (3)

Light Defense.pngLight Defense (0)

Medium (20)

Medium Attack.pngMedium Attack (13)

Medium Mobility.pngMedium Mobility (5)

Medium Support.pngMedium Support (2)

Medium Defense.pngMedium Defense (0)

Heavy (7)

Heavy Attack.pngHeavy Attack (2)

Heavy Mobility.pngHeavy Mobility (0)

Heavy Support.pngHeavy Support (1)

Heavy Defense.pngHeavy Defense (4)